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17 May 2024
We are pleased to announce that from this week we are the official partner of Andritz in Poland
26 April 2024
The work will also include the creation of a new digitized database
1 April 2024
Mayor Andrzej Operacz proudly emphasized that the sewage treatment plant in Lisewo, which is a symbol of modernity,
22 January 2024
Ekowater is among the fastest growing SMEs
3 July 2023
Below is an article* prepared and written by the Polmek Group about the Lacpol dairy: "The dairy is becoming more energy self-sufficient. Eco-energy in Piotrków"
15 May 2023
Due to new Investments we are hiring w new person - automation engineer
21 March 2023
On March 14, 2023 we signed a new contrach for the supply and installation of two large vertical screens for the main sewage pumping stations in the Zwoleń City
1 March 2023
We woili like to inform you we changed our company address - Aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha 3/2, 00-580 Warszawa 
23 January 2023
Jakie ma zastosowanie sito kanałowe Ekowater? Sito kanałowe Ekowater stosuje się w pierwszym etapie oczyszczania ścieków z zanieczyszczeń stałych (skratek)..
22 December 2022
On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas We wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas.
24 October 2022
Sitopiaskownik o średnicy 1000mm
28 September 2022
Ekowater’s modular stainless steel tank CF-SBR is utilized for fluid storage. Due to material used, it may safely store both drinking water and aggressive fluids in different volumes, from a few to a few thousand cubic metres.
19 September 2022
Below you can find are photos from the latest implementation: execution and implementation of innovative devices, a sewage treatment plant along with the management of sewage sludge and processing residues at the production plant in Piotrków Kujawski, consisting in the modernization of the sewage treatment plant, significant reduction of the amount of sewage sludge generated by the use of oxygen and anaerobic stabilization devices.
25 April 2022
We are hiring, check out new job offer
2 March 2022
In order to support Ukraine we have launched in our company a fundraiser for families and fighting people in Ukraine.
28 February 2022
Abow you can find the photo from another implementation of the Ekowater company - Sewage Treatment Plant in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, equipped with a new EWOZ radial scraper (the average of the settler is 24m)
5 October 2021
Completion of the modernization of the sewage treatment plant in Drzeńsk
15 June 2021
Ekowater in the the most dynamic Polish companies ranking Gazele Biznesu 2020 Award
1 May 2021
Our office now is located in Aleje Jerozolimskie 94 in Warsaw. 
9 April 2021
We are pleased to announce that Ekowater devices have been installed in the sewage treatment plant in Unisław
16 March 2021
We are pleased to inform you that Ekowater Sp. z o.o. was among the laureates of the prestigious group of "Forbes Diamonds" in 2021.
15 March 2021
The modernisation of the sewage treatment plant in Piotrków Trybunalsk
8 March 2021
We are currently looking for a person for the position: Administrative and office assistant
25 February 2021
We are pleased to announce that today Ekowater has signed a research and development cooperation agreement with the Ostrowite Commune
23 February 2021
Another project and equipment in another city. We are pleased to inform about new contract we signed for installation of sand trap sieve integrated with a sand washer, suspended decanters and a complete installation for deodorization and sludge hygienisation based on a multi-disc screw press in sewage treatment in the Lubuskie Voivodeship.
15 February 2021
We are pleased to announce that the company Ekowater Sp. Z o.o. won Gazele Biznesu 2020 award
7 January 2021
"Development of sanitary sewage system and modernization of sewage treatment plant in Sadlinki Municipality. Phase I – The modernization of sewage treatment plant in Sadlinki".
21 October 2020
W środę 14.10 firma Ekowater Sp z o.o. podpisała umowę z Przedsiębiorstwem Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. w Sierakowicach na realizację zadania: Modernizacja systemu napowietrzania reaktorów biologicznych i komór tlenowej stabilizacji osadu oraz systemu AKPiA Oczyszczalni Ścieków w Sierakowicach. 
13 October 2020
We are pleased to announce that the Ekowater company was among the nominees for the Business Gazelles 2020 ranking for another year in a row. It is a ranking of the most dynamic Polish enterprises. We would like to thank our contractors for their trust and cooperation. Congratulations to the entire Ekowater team! ☘️
15 September 2020
Agreement with the City of Łódź for the implementation of Task 2 - "Modernization of the sludge dewatering installation - delivery of centrifuges (3 pcs.)" Under the Project "Wastewater management, phase III in Łódź".
9 July 2020
We are pleased to announce that a new website for Ekowater Sp. z o.o. is already online! Thanks to it, we meet the expectations of our clients. The presented offer broadly describes the components used by us for the construction of sewage treatment plants and the most modern technologies. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us if you are interested. Our designers will answer all your questions about the services we offer.
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