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More than 20 years of experience

Ekowater was established in 2004. At the very beginning we worked towards developing novel solutions and designing technological devices for sewage treatment plants – both municipal and industrial ones. To meet growing expectations of our clients, Ekowater became commercial law company in 2012 and expanded its business into production of aforementioned devices, as well as construction and modernization of sewage treatment plants. Since then we have been developing quite rapidly.


We are a strong, reliable company. From the outset we have designed and equipped more than 60 sewage treatment plants all around Poland, providing clean water for recipients in hundreds of cities and towns.


We provide design, implementation and maintenance of our projects

Ekowater’s sewage treatment plants projects are based on innovative technologies which are adapted to the client’s individual needs. Although the projects are altered, the environmental effect stays intact. Our products facilitate maintaining full control over the process of sewage treatment.  We consistently introduce new technologies to ensure smooth and intuitive work of our plants and provide ready to use solutions and devices. The installation process is fully supervised by our team and therefore maintenance free for our clients in the majority of cases. We offer 24/7 assistance to help our clients and if any failure occurs, remote system sends information about the problem. Once the installation is complete, our clients are provided with maintenance service and warranty for the purchased product and their crew is instructed in how to operate the plant. We are a Polish company, so all the parts and devices are designed and manufactured in Poland. Our park includes machines for stainless steel processing, laser cutting, water cutting and many more.


Our team

Our company is made up of people – thanks to them we are able to achieve our goals. We work with the best designers and engineers in Poland. 


Our labs:

  • technological
  • designing
  • engineering
  • automation
  • IT
  • production
  • quality control


Our designers and engineers make every effort to fulfill even most demanding projects. Installation and service teams ensure long time fault-free operation of our devices.



Quality assurance

We hold references from many cities and municipalities. We were also issued certificates of compliance with ISO 9001, PN-EN 1090-2, ISO 3834-2 and awarded with numerous distinctions and prizes such as Gazele Biznesu and Diamonds by Forbes. Thanks to years of experience on Polish market we have established brand with reliable devices of the highest quality. Each of our projects is carried out with attention to the smallest detail. Our Quality Control Department ensures the highest standard of production by constant monitoring of stainless steel material composition and quality, its chemical and physical properties as well as conformity of the final product with the order. 


Swedish steel—Polish technology

Ekowater pays particular attention to the quality of the material, and therefore we have been cooperating with one of the biggest European stainless steel producers – Outokumpu. Our devices, tanks and other components of sewage treatment plants are made of DUPLEX stainless steel, which  is highly resistant to corrosion, erosion and abrasion. DUPLEX is a great construction material, widely used for its physical and mechanical properties for example to build tanks, pumps and heat exchangers.


We protect environment

Water is the most important and most precious substance on Earth. We are proud being able to contribute to water and environment protection through our novel devices and sewage treatment plants. Thanks to our appliances, wastewater after treatment can be returned to environment to rivers and groundwater. Cleaner groundwater and soil promote biodiversity, safety of the animals and prevent drought in Poland.


We should increase our environmental awareness and learn from each other. Let’s protect the environment and landscape together. Use alternative energy sources and save water. Follow the rules of sustainability and each day work on every aspect that can improve the quality of air, environment, water and thus life.


100% made in Poland


We construct, implement and modernize sewage treatment plants all around Poland. The headquarters of our company are based in Warsaw, Prosta 69 Business Center. Production facility  and design offices are located in Toruń.


You are welcome to contact Sales Department via online form. We will also gladly answer your questions about our services during either a meeting or a phone call. 




Photos from the production of Ekowater devices


Ekowater Sp. z o.o.

Aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha 3/2,
00-580 Warszawa

KRS: 0000437631
NIP: 1182088081
REGON: 146357743
+48 22 833 38 12
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