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BIO-COMP reactor is a technological solution based on biological treatment of wastewater. It includes  circulatory aeration tanks with surface aerators that cooperate with anaerobic tank and external secondary clarifier.
This modern solution helps to organize proper anaerobic and anoxic zones enabling seamless removal of biogenic compounds. Aerators ensure that the sewage is fully mixed and circulates properly in the aeration tank. The quantity of oxygen delivered is controlled by oxygen probes and modulated by areators’ velocity. BIO-COMP technology is applicable for biological wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial sewage.


Operating principle

BIO-COMP reactor provides space for biological processes of nitrification and denitrification with efficiency ensuring achievement of desired levels of contaminant concentration in the treated sewage.  The sewage is aerated by surface aerators with horizontal shafts. They provide oxygen vital for development of biomass through proper intensity of mixing to achieve evenly distributed suspension of activated sludge flocs in the chamber, and force circulatory movement of the fluid.  Providing proper oxygen concentration for each process creates aerobic and anoxic zones in the tank. In consequence sludge is submitted to changing aerobic and anaerobic conditions, even though there is no physical partition inside the tank. Oxygen concentration is decreasing proportionally to the distance from the aerator – the further form the device, the less oxygen in the sludge – which allows to carry out nitrification and denitrification simultaneously. In circulation tanks, just behind the aerator, the sludge is aerobic which means that carbon and nitrogen compounds are oxidized. During the process of nitrification, ammonium is oxidized with bacteria to nitrates. When oxygen is consumed by the sludge, the area of the tank located further from aerator becomes anoxic. Ammonia is not oxidized and microorganisms absorb nitrates as a source of oxygen. Oxygen in nitrates is consumed and remaining nitrogen emitted to the atmosphere. Installation of the anaerobic chamber prior to circulation chamber, improves efficiency of biological phosphate removal. 


Bio Comp Advantages

  • BIO-COMP is characterized by low investment and operation costs;
  • Sewage treatment process is fully monitored but at the same time also maintenance-free
  • The system is unaffected by rapid changes in raw sewage load as it is dispersed within seconds in circulating liquid;
  • Use of BIO-COMP reactor and aeration device is really simple and require minimal effort. It is limited only to periodic inspection (requires works such as lubrication of bearings or inspection of oil level in transmissions);
  • The installation,  under concrete bridges, protects aerators’ parts from freezing during long, low temperature periods in winter. Moreover, the use of hoods and device’s aforementioned location limit emission of spray and noise. 


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