Intermediate sedimentation tank

1. Purpose
2. Operating principle
3. Certificates
4. Material
5. Photos


Ekowater’s intermediate sedimentation tank is a part of sludge dewatering system. Its main role is to even the level of medium in the sludge dewatering station. 


Operating principle

The sludge is transported to the cylindrical steel storage tank via flange connector installed on the top. The outlet is located in the bottom, conic section of the tank. The half of the lid on top is attached by hinges and therefore works as an inspection door. The tank is equipped with a system of continuous measurement of sludge level, and at the bottom with blowdown connection that discharge sludge in case of emergency.



The device is produced by the company certified by:  ISO 9001, PN-EN 1090-2 and ISO 3834-2



Duplex stainless steel AISI316, AISI 304



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