Sludge and lime mixer

1. Purpose
2. Operating principle
3. Certificates
4. Material


Ekowater’s sludge and lime mixer is a device used to dewater sludge from wastewater treatment. The device can be used for municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants. The compact design ensures the minimum use of space and sealed construction with inspection chambers allows for the device to be installed indoors. Ekowater’s mixer in order to hygienise the sludge mixes it with hygienizing agent such as lime.


Operating principle

Ekowater’s mixer comprises chambers with inspection doors. Inside, in the chambers, there are two shafts equipped with angled blades, and powered by the chain stretched on the gears. One of them is spined by a motor reductor. Thanks to the tensioner installed inside, the chain is properly tensioned.  The shafts rotating in the opposite directions, mix lime with the sludge and push it towards chute.  Lime enters the mixer via connection on the inspection lid, and sludge does it through the charge.



The device is produced by the company certified by:  ISO 9001, PN-EN 1090-2 and ISO 3834-2



Duplex stainless steel AISI316, AISI 304

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