Sewage pumping stations

1. Purpose

Operating principle


Advantages of lifting stations

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Ekowater’s lifting station is a device utilized to pump sewage and, at the same time, separate solid contaminants. It is characterized by a compact design, easy operation, high ergonomics and easy maintenance. 


Operating principle

An inflow collector of the lifting station directs sewage to a separating funnel that divides sludge into two circulation inflows. Special construction of the Ekowater’s funnel minimizes the risk of blockage in lifting stations. 

A door viewer of the EW-T lifting station guarantees successful and trouble-free inspection of the module’s interior.

Our lifting station is equipped with separating funnels made of austenic-ferritic Duplex steel.  The funnels have elastic drain trapdoors that strain solid contaminants.


Advantages of lifting stations

  • The funnels,  made of austenic-ferritic Duplex steel, that separate solid contaminants,  guarantee high corrosion resistance in comparison with austenic or stainless steel devices.
  • The structure is characterized by full, free flow of pumped sewage that is not hampered by any elements of the separating funnel, and therefore the device guarantees self-cleaning function.
  • A module of the lifting station is waterproof and sealed, which eliminates the necessity of providing  a protection zone due to spreading odors and toxic fumes. 
  • Stainless steel 1.4301/1.4307/1.4404 eliminates the necessity of applying additional coating on the surface to protect it from rust.  


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